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"Dental Fluorosis" is a permanent change in the architecture of the teeth caused by exposure to fluorides prior to age 8. Millions of Americans have this condition on their teeth. Fluoridation promoters dismiss dental fluorosis as "barely visible" and merely a "cosmetic defect" of little consequence.

So why did dental and environmental authorities recommend a lowering of the level of fluorides in drinking water in 2011, with the stated goal of reducing  levels of fluorosis in Americans? If no one really cares about fluorosis, why bother to address it at all? Hint: this is one of the key aspects of the Fluoridegate scandal....that fluorosis is actually a sign of pathology, of toxicity, rather than merely a cosmetic defect. And dental leaders fear litigation ...which has now begun.


In fact, it has long been known that fluorosis is a sign of pathology. See the link below to view an article in the Journal of the American Dental Association in the 1930's, where fluorosis (also known as enamel dystrophy) was described twice as a pathologic condition.  Why did dentists and researchers later change it's description from a pathologic condition to a cosmetic defect only? And why did the system used to rate and classify degree of fluorosis in an individual include overt measures to diminish and hide the extent of fluorosis? (See link for the "Dean's Classification" system.) If individuals only have one tooth with fluorosis, they are not counted as having fluorosis. The number of teeth affected is also not addressed. For example, a person with 14 teeth affected can be described as having only " very mild " or "mild" fluorosis.


The Lillie Center did something never done before, going out into a major city and showing photos of fluorosis (see below) to people, asking if they have it, or if a loved one does, and did they know what caused it? Our efforts were discussed by federal and dental trade officials, as seen in the Freedom of Information Act documents that came to light. 

If you or a colleague, family member or loved one think you have dental fluorosis, contact us and send us some photos. 

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Dentists Called Fluorosis Pathology (png)


Corrupt Dean's Fluorosis Classification System (pdf)


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